Beautiful Minds Gathering 2019

A warm invitation to you for our 2019 Beautiful Minds Gathering “Switch On The Light” hosted at our C3 Amsterdam location. Our Early Bird tickets are now on sale till Jan 20th 2019!

We want to bring the Word of God alive to you in as many ways as we can!

It’s God’s Word living within us that shapes our thinking and recreates the landscape of our minds. It’s His Word that becomes a lamp to illuminate our path and a weapon in our hand to demolish strongholds. It’s beautiful and every chapter of the Bible is rich with truth for you and I.

We are called as women to be armed and dressed for the fight. So throughout Friday night and Saturday, our worship, messages, environment and connection time will all point to this one piece of truth: Be renewed in your mind by the power of His Word.

It’s going to be POWERFUL and the seeds of this conference will change your life. Don’t come alone- let’s gather other minds that long to be more beautiful so we can do this journey together!

Looking forward to welcoming you!
Ps Lizby and the Beautiful Minds Team



Ps. Bree

Ps. Bree is a true superwoman. She is both a pastor and a corporate manager/trainer within the healthcare industry in the USA. They have birthed a fabulous C3 church in Southwest Washington.


Ps. Kelly Taylor

Kelly with her husband Michael, are the Assistant Leaders at C3 Fulham and for the last ten years have been building and leading the fantastic worship team. Her influence spreads far and wide across Europe in her capacity as a vocal coach and worship leader.


Alice Achan

Alice Achan is a phenomenal woman of God. She is Co-founder and Director of Christian Counseling Fellowship (CCF) and the Pader Girls’ Academy, situated in Uganda.


Ps. Lizby

Ps. Lizby is your Gathering host and the founder of Beautiful Minds.
She and her husband Steve are the senior pastors of  C3 Church Amsterdam and Almere.