21 Days of fasting

Prayer and Fasting

On 7th January we begin our 21 days of fasting as a Church. The goal of this is to start the year with a high sense of devotion, believing God for the outpouring of rivers of life and favour this year.

We are recommending to you a ‘Daniel Fast’ – attached is an outline of the sort of foods you can still eat whilst on this fast. Many people will likely be doing this option. If you want something more challenging you can leave out the whole grains, or do a different type of fast. For example you could skip a meal each day; do 3 x 3 day fasts in the period; or many other combinations. The Daniel Fast provides a good challenge whilst creating a great sense of unity and a very doable fast for nearly anyone!!

In the book of Daniel we read about moments where Daniel ate just vegetables and water, on one occasion he fasted in this way for 21 days. During Daniel’s life of developing a habit of fasting and prayer he saw God do some supernatural things, he had angels working on his behalf, he attracted God’s favour and saw a nation influenced for the kingdom of God.

We are believing as we devote the start of 2019 to doing the same, then we also will see the river of life poured out in and through our Church in increased significance and His favour attracted to our lives.

We are looking forward to this season with you.

Monday 7th January 19:30-21:30 OneHour ‘Extended’ both locations together – guest speaker Ps Garth Ball (C3 Nairobi)
Sunday 13th January 9:00-9:25 Amsterdam, 9:45-10:00 Almere
Sunday 20th January 9:00-9:25 Amsterdam, 9:45-10:00 Almere
Sunday 27th January 9:00-9:25 Amsterdam, 9:45-10:00 Almere